Our venues

In Berlin and Seoul our venue is Platoon Kunsthalle,
a contemporary art space built of freight containers.

In Buenos Aires the festival will take place in Espacio Bitcoin,
a five story building full of Bitcoin start-ups.

If you want to organise a Bitfilm event in your city, please contact us!

Our sponsors

If you want to become a sponsor, please contact us!

Our mobility partner

Get a free ride to the festival venue with Uber
Festival pass owners will get a free Uber code worth 20 Euros..

Our media partners

The Bitcoin news site Cointelegraph
The Bitcoin print magazine Bitcoin Magazine
The Bitcoin podcast Let's talk Bitcoin

If you want to become a media partner, please contact us!

Our trailer

Our trailer consists of snippets from various Bitfilms for
Bitcoin start-ups that we have produced in the last two years.
It was edited by Anastasya Stolyarov on music by Julio Kladniew.
Of course our own films will run out of competition!

The 14th edition of the Bitfilm Festival will focus on films about Bitcoin.
Here are the festival dates (so far):
  • October 25th, Berlin
  • November 8th, Seoul
  • November 29th, Buenos Aires
  • December 6th, Rio de Janeiro
This year you can submit all kinds of films to the Bitfilm Festival: documentaries, fiction, animated films, live action, whatever you like - as long as they are about Bitcoin.

Submit your film!
Deadline: September 30, 2014.